Justin Bieber’s store plan falls through

Justin Bieber's store plan falls through

Justin Bieber was planning on talking a walk in Kim Kardashian’s shoes (not literally) by opening a Bieber-themed store. According to reports, that hasn’t worked out as well as he planned.

The Bieber store was set to be launched at The Grove in Los Angeles, but reportedly the plans have fallen through. After plans of his boutique leaked to the media, his fans were thrilled. Now, probably not so much.

A rep for Justin has confirmed that there were plans in place to open the store, but now, it’s no longer going forward. His publicist said, “I was working with them last year with the possibility of this happening. Toward the end of November, everything had fallen through. It’s not happening.”

Still, if you want Justin Bieber merchandise, look no further than his nail polish, music, autobiography and anything else he can possibly slap his name on.

Are you bummed at the news?

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