Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus Pulled Over For Weed

Justin Bieber's Tour Bus Pulled Over For Weed

Teen singer Justin Bieber has been linked to even more legal drama after Canadian border patrol police in Michigan found marijuana and drug paraphernalia on one of the singer’s tour buses on Sunday night.

Drug sniffing dogs sniffed out the marijuana and the authorities seized the small amount of the drug at the Ambassador Bridge. The driver of the vehicle was issued a citation and then released without further incident, according to TMZ.com. Bieber was not on board of that particular bus at the time.

More bad publicity of any kind is just what Bieber doesn’t need following three recent spitting scandals, a couple of traffic citations and a much-publicized urinating incident, in which the singer was caught on camera peeing into a mop bucket in the kitchen of a New York restaurant.

It’s not the first time cops at the the Ambassador Bridge have halted a pop star’s vehicle this year – one of Barbadian singer Rihanna’s production trucks were stopped by border officials in March of this year.

The singer, who was not a passenger, had to delay the start of a show in Winnipeg, Canada as a result of the hold-up. What a mess!

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