Justin Bieber’s voice is breaking

Sixteen-year-old singing sensation, Justin Bieber, is having problems with his voice. Like any other teenager going through puberty, his voice is dropping.

He said, “It cracks. Like every teenage boy, I’m dealing with it and I have the best vocal coach in the world. Some of the notes I hit on ‘Baby’ I can’t hit anymore. We have to lower the key when I sing live.”

I’m sure he’ll weather the changes just fine, he seems like a good kid.

Justin Bieber’s voice is breaking was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • SEAN


    • erthtjyjjy

      die in a hole hopefully__

      • Peter

        Yep the world would be better off.

  • kayla

    ohh no well i see u all the time adn i will help u out on the singing

  • Jaritza

    jutin why was your voice breaking? Wright back to me please beacuse i am one great big fan of your's and i never met you in real life.

    • thatdoomguy666

      Are you stupid?

  • coby

    Hey, this is coby sullins and I wanted to know if yo could send me a CD of your song baby at 6771 co. ro. 1043 vimont al 35179 before may 20 because me and four of my frieds are doing a song of baby and it's a talent show and we wanted to win with your song because WE LOVE YOUR SONG.

    • Jason

      You just gave everybody your address, dumbass…

  • Kylee

    I'm really sorry Justin but everyone will still like your singing :)

    • Justinbieberhater

      no i won't

  • derrick smith

    hello im derrick

  • jaritza

    what singing are you talking about and how old are you.

  • Valerie

    justin will always have the best voice I LOVE JSUTIN BIEBER THE HOTTEST 16 YEAR OLD ON THE PLANET

    • brooke

      I think he is 2 hot and it dosen't matter if he can't hit the notes all that matters is that he can do pretty much every normal teenager can do. He is my booski

    • Nicole

      Your crazy

  • valerie

    justin bieber is hot when i see him i will fall he is the boy that makes me cry i will do enything to take a picture with him i love himm and i wont 3 signatures from him for my cousins in mexico i love you justin bieber

  • taylor

    that is a mean and horrible thing to say bout him……… hopefully u fall in a hole.

  • AJL13

    maybe if he goes through puperty he'll actually sound good!

  • Haley

    Why are you guys so ignorant?
    His voice is breaking because he's a sixteen year old boy. IT HAPPENS! IT'S COMPLETELY NATURAL!

    He won't sound the same
    He may or may not sound good

    Am I a fan?

    And for the record, he's probably not reading this, nor does he care to read it.
    He's not going to sign on just to see who wants a CD or who wants signatures.

  • brooke

    he is talking about his singing career dummie. He is 16 and to me he might be better lookin than u if u were a boy. not sayin u r but still i dont no who u

  • Haley

    If you are referring to me…

    I'm a 19 year old female and don't really find him that attractive.
    He isn't that talented and could probably benefit from puberty as it will open more doors for him if he can retain his fan base.

    He's just a tool that the music industry is using to rope in younger girls and to get money.

    Realize that he's just a poster boy and nothing more.

  • Tony

    I'll never understand why boys who look like girls are found so attractive. . .

  • vanessa a fan

    i am so sorry that ur voice wat ru going 2 do ur r the most hoottesst planet on earth nooooooooooo justen do not le this happen please baby baby ……..

    • Chihara Minori

      Dumbass, voices naturally crack. You can't stop it

  • passerbyer

    justin bieber is really a ……………………… Girl!!!!!!!!!! i know this bcause his manager told me.

  • Nicole

    I Don't like Justin Biebler because He sings like a girl

  • taylor


    if he was a normal kid, he would be the wimp that all the school bullies picked on. he's such a kid.

    i'm glad he's finally growing up. haha.

  • Haley

    Who are you referring to?

  • kiah

    i love justin bieber no matter what. and the voice cracking thing is natural and he cant help it. it shud end soon.

  • jesus gamez

    hes sixteen and his voice is just starting to break?

  • victoria beber

    i am 16 ilke you i love you justin beber

  • victoria beber

    bo you love me

  • victoria beber

    bo you love me

  • henry gaskin

    lol, i, henry gaskin r gun go cry nao, and have a pokey bum wank over justin bieber to cheer myself up about this fact :'(

  • gabriela

    Yyyyyyyyyy??? I love 2 help with ur voice !!!!!! I love you !!!!!!!!!
    Justin bieber !!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! =} =[

  • Lol

    All you chicks go crazy for this guy when he looks like the kid who would get picked on at school. Good thing his voice is cracking he sounded like a fag anyways. Now whats that I hear fangirls running towards their keyboards to defend him just wait 2 months from now you will be attached to some other fag 16 year old after they dump bieber.

  • VEE

    this is dumb people,saying you hate justin bieber because he sings like a girl…..is really not a reason! michael jaskson had a higher higher voice when he was young. and as far as the gay thing is concerned,you people have made gay mean a whole different thing! he has no interests in boys….i think you all know that! be immature if you must.come on he's younger than most of these posters…..please he's even more mature than you guys.

    i'm not inlove with him but he's pretty cool.keep singing justin,you still have fans apart from these silly haTERS

  • Justin gaybieber

    justin bieber is not the hottest guy in the hole world .. what would happen if he is not a singer everyone would hate him wouldent they