Justin Gaston is using Miley Cyrus

Okay, I’m no real fan of Miley Cyrus or that crappy stuff that she calls music, but this is just not right. According to sources, her model boyfriend, Justin Gaston is using her for her fame.

The two met earlier this year on that crappy country music talent show, which he didn’t have enough talent to win.

They’ve been hanging out and doing stuff together ever since. This guy’s not stupid. He’s using her fame to get better and higher paying jobs. What a twit.

A source close to Justin says, “He’s got more modeling jobs since he’s been with Miley and is telling people they’re writing songs together so her fans will get interested in his music. You start to think he’s in this for fame.” Putz.

Image Credit: Newscom

Justin Gaston is using Miley Cyrus was last modified: August 4th, 2013 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Billythekid

    I think that was part of the plan Roberta? You know, have this guy hang around with somone well known to help him along. Whats the problem with that? As for her “crappy” music, I dont think thats really fair. she has written several songs that are very good. I Miss You, Goodbye, Bottom of the Ocean and the song, “I thought I lost you” from Bolt is also decent. The Hannah music she doesnt write; just sings the stuff. The overwhelming general consensus on those 4 songs, at least, is positive. As far as all the Hannah music is concerned, good luck arguing with a bunch of 12 year olds over that.

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    All the Miley Cyrus loonies, please form a line to the left. I do not like her music, that’s the point.

  • Cody

    well if you dont like her music (you dont really know what music is ) so fucken back off your fucken article is so fake and is just starting some more stupid drama so go get a life a stop messing up others (Miley Cyrus Rulz and she is a wonderful rolemodle if you like it or not.!

  • hilary

    Miley cyrus is the one and only she is the best i LUUUUUUUUUUV you Miley keep on rocken

  • tom

    i think this article is stupid cause it didnt come from the tabloid or paparazzi it came from the person who made the article and they can write about anything) FY, Miley cyrus is smarter than that (miley cyrus is a good rolemodle so deal with it !! love you TonzZZZZZZZ!!! Miley

  • tom

    roberta sucks

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    WTF Really?!? This is my site and if you do not like the opinions expressed within, I suggest you take your comments elsewhere. I wouldn’t want my kids taking after this chick, she’s a horrible role model and her music downright sucks. Moving right along.

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    thanks Tom :)

  • miriana

    who eva made this stupid articl sucks (((( MIley is the best)

  • miriana

    who eva made this stupid articl sucks (((( MIley is the best) keep on rocken

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    roflmao – you idiots know you’re not talkin to Miley at all – she doesn’t even know you exist.

  • lilly

    o hell na im a big miley fan and if you dont like her thats fine. but you dont have to start stupid crap about her (so fuck off please

  • lilly

    so what we dont have to be tawlking to her other fans tune in and they want to see love 4 the teen sensation ( i bet your jelouse of her )

  • dramaqueen

    i give this article 2 thumds down

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    Then why are you here? LOL GO AWAY!!

  • jenny

    omg i love the chick she is such a good role modle my kids love her she rulz

  • Sussy

    the reason miley fans are here cause they dont take shit from freaken hsater so i guess they gonna be here all day

    love ya miley lovers you guys really make a difference (HAHA) :)

  • Sussy

    Miley cyrus im so proud of her

  • katie larson

    awsome rolemodle she’s cool

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    if you could only spell it wouldn’t reveal your age…it’s role model, moron

  • katie larson

    too bad

  • katie larson

    i dont know how peole can bring peole down dats real low
    (leave miley alone)

  • vanessa

    i agree leave her alone stupid ass) what has miley eva done to you

  • cassy

    Roberta sucks ass fucken loser just stop haten on people

  • cassy

    thats right i went there

  • cassy nicole luves miley so dearly

    she’s an awsome rolemodle i give miley 2 thumbs up )

  • cassy nicole luves miley so dearly

    o hell na i ve been scrollind down on the comments dont be calling them morons so what some are little kids there learning stupid ass

  • dane .N

    i agree this article is stupid its just a waste of time

  • ty

    well if you dont like her music dont listen to its nobody’s forecen you to ( and plus if you dont like her music why you tellen we dont care

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    But you idiots keep coming back – isn’t there a Miley Cyrus fan page that you could be proclaiming your love for her at?

  • ty

    i love miley’s new look on tv on her show its so retro (keep on rocken miley )

  • tiressa

    nope we keep on putting love on the hate pages cause thats what miley fans do so deal with it if you didnt start with this stupid haten none of this would of happen

  • joanna

    tell me why you put this stupid article tell me i’ll be waiting

  • m

    you a bitch

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    joanna, because of the first amendment and the fact that this is my site and I can write whatever I want. I said I felt bad for that tween idiot, but now I don’t. Her fans are freakin lunatics.

  • miriana

    your a bitch you think that by putinig that shit on the web ur all that well even if u put those thinigs we will all ways love miley so deal with it.

  • miriana

    you fucken stupid

  • sussy

    look im stupid roberta writng crap on the web

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    This is so pathetic. You guys really have no lives.

  • Billythekid

    This is my second and last post on this site. I only realized after I posted my original opinion to Roberta’s article that the article was tagged under “Miley Sucks”, which makes it all too apparent Roberta is no more amendable to suggestion then the others here are to the opposite point of view. With that being said, here is my opinion on Miley Cyrus. Her music isnt all bad. I have already stated what songs I think actually stand out. The rest is fluff, but the kids like it. Her tv show is cute, but its not terribly funny, and I have seen it enough times (maybe 10 shows?) to determine my point of view. Her live performances, which I have see two with Switchlive in London, and the recent concert in Germany is actually very good. Those 3 opinions of acting (fair) music (ok) and performing (good), arent enough to qualify her mega status. BUT, where she actually achieves this is through her persona, her down-to-earth realism she portrays in public (probably something she inherited from her family). Its just a certain something she has that many others with much more talent actually lack. Thats the real key to her success, plus she has a very winning smile. yeah, thats my opinion.

  • Celene

    i think miley cyrus is a wonderful person and the person who put this dumb site better stop cause thats a bunch of (miley you rock)

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    I better what? You gonna tell my mommy? LOL

  • Celene

    Roberta go die you’ll do us all a favor

  • Celene

    miley <miley Miley o ya miley miley miley is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTER than roberta

    i waz bored (HAHAHA)

  • aron

    roberta sucks (you know why? cause she writes fake )

  • aron :)

    is it me or is this robetgirl getting peole mad i agrre to all the comments of miley’s fans (roberta i dont know bout you but i dont think anybody likes the stupid article so why bother making up shit (ya you know this article is not true you didnt get it straight from miley ) so FUCK OFF

    p.s to all the miley fans that tunes in ( KEEP on written in and share your love to miley (cause you know roberta is stupid and dont really know how to make a nice article)

  • Miley Lover 4 eva (roberta so stupid

    hello. miley is a true rolemodle 4 all kids my kids love the teen sensation and i will always love miley no matter what keep on rocken miley love ya tonz

  • celia martinez

    ok (who thinks this article is pathetic yep i knew it (very pathetic so why waste your time making up crap that you dont know if its even true (you just want to start a scandle i bet. plus i and all the other miley fans support the teen miley sentation 100% so we have every reason to comment on this stupid article

  • lorenzo valdez

    i think this roberts girl is very immature cause have you seen the things she writes to the back childern (example- are you gonna tell my mommy) WTF sounds very immature (i dont blame miley’s fans cause there just supporting her and i bet ther just young so ya ( fuck off roberta) i dont think miley ever did anything to you (

    i love you Miley

  • https://login.live.com/login.srf?wa=wsignin1.0&rpsnv=11&ct=1308097084&rver=6.1.6206.0&wp=MBI&wreply=http:%2F%2Fmail.live.com%2Fdefault.aspx&lc=1033&id=64855&mkt=en-US&a Nicole

    okay. My one and only opinion on this matter is that its Roberta’s web site and she’s aloud to say whatever the hell she wants to about Miley. If you guys dont like it, then don’t look for it.
    Point Finale.

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    Thanks Nicole, you said it best :)

  • Andrea

    All the people that said Miley is a good rolemodel are stupid. :]
    To the stupid parents that think Miley is a good rolemodel: MILEY IS A SLUT. FREAKIN’ LOOK UP ON GOOGLE & LOOK AT HER FUCKEN’ PICTURES!!!
    She never apologized for taking those slutty pictures.
    & stop talking crap to Roberta! This is her freakin’ site & she can post whatever she wants!

  • Laguna Niguel Real Estate

    **** Miley. She’s such a slut, isn’t she? Go on Roberta!

  • Raquel

    o hell na she is not a slut so she took some racy pics so what (i take even more bad pics than that so shut the fuck up Roberta fuck en get alife and stop taking advanage of others dammet

  • Raquel

    (Andrea & Laguna Niguel Real Estate) shut the fuck up yall just fucken retards

  • tae tae

    miley rocks she is a wonderful rolemodle

  • tae tae

    Nicoel didnt say it best……… FFFFFFFFFFT what ev thats shit (miley you rock )

  • amber

    omg this is stupid i love miley and roberta go die i dont care what you say but go die please (MILEY MILEY I LUV YOU)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sisily shields

    so ima slut and im still a good rolemodle so fuck off (leave her fucken alone) Bitch

  • selena hansen

    roberta sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • melina

    Miley is my idoel i love ya miley

  • melina

    i defently agree roberta sucks

  • sandra

    Miley I fucken love ya

  • sandra

    go on roberts phfffffffffffft ya right roberta she started shit ima end it (fucken roberta ) hope you die

  • alex

    i think miley is a good rolemodle im so proud of her (my fave pic of her is when she did the Vanitry Fair pic OMG i love that one she rulz my kids look up to her and they just love the fucken shit out of her

    (keep on rocken Miley) :)

  • alex

    miley supporter 100% ( Hey roberta (Nobody’s Perfect (so stop judging)

  • tania

    OMG i love miley i dont know how (roberta can be so mean she’s a bitch i guess or Jelouse?) well anyway i luv ya miley


  • Hannah Montana fan

    Miley is the shit (i freaken love the teen sensation (good rolemodle I love the girl

  • Miley cyrus supporter TEAM

    yes its us again (HA we arent gonna sit and see stupid people like roberts say shit and lies about miley (so fuck off roberta

    Miley cyrus i think your such a good rolemodle better than any other disney star i freaken love ya lots & tonz Muah

  • Cameron

    wow thats tight miley has real fans by seeing the comments wow im very proud of miley fans they dont take shit (roberta roberta roberta why? cant you just fuck off (what has miley eva done to you huh????????

  • angela

    Miley is the best

  • lafin

    Miley miley i cant wait to see miley in concert again she has the best & sold out show love ya tonz Miley

  • Jace

    ok ima 19 year old and i dont see an problem about Miley she is a good rolemodle and Roberta you just cant take it i bet (so freaken fuck off) Miley keep on rocken

    p.s Roberta sucks

  • swade

    omg i FUCKEN LOVE MILEY SHE IS THE SIT i just love miley love her love her lov her

  • kinzy

    i love miley too she rulz

  • kevin Harris

    Miley’s new CD Breakout is the best buy it in stores this Christmas

  • celia

    Miley is my idol love the girl she is so cool

  • cody

    my room is decked with pics of her she is so cool

  • sussy

    OMG i love miley cyrus she is the best i think she is so funny

  • Whisper

    P.S. I agree with Roberta.. Happy Birthday.. :)

  • sussy

    roberta go get a life please

  • sussy

    shut up whisper

  • miriana

    love that miley cyrus she is the bomb

  • miriana

    hope that roberta girl dies

  • oscar

    i love miley

  • Whisper

    @ sussy…why else would Justin me with an immature girl like miley…who even knew his name before this? I didn’t…


  • Whisper

    it’s be not me.. sorry…got excited there for a second

  • oscar

    sorry but that dont make sence whisper?

  • oscar

    i love miely she is such a good person love love love

  • oscar

    roberta sucks i hate the bitch

  • robbert

    miley hahaha) :) i love her

  • Brady & Elies

    we Freaken loe miley she rulz (so freaken back off Roberta)v

  • Brady & Elies

    sorry i spelled it wrong (hard to type 4 me

  • Cassy Nicole

    i agree miley does rulz

  • Cassy Nicole

    i love ya miley

  • nickii

    i love miley :)

  • Andrea

    STFU Raquel!
    That means you’re a slut too. :]
    & I wasn’t talking about the Vanity fair pics.

    *Miley’s bra doesn’t match her panties. ;]
    & that was not photoshoped, plus, thongs don’t look good on her.

  • Stacy

    shut up andrea fuck you

  • Andrea


  • stacy

    nope she is a good rolemodle

  • lead

    o shut up andrea your just jelous (Miley i fucken love ya xoxoxo

  • chelsi

    omg il ove ya miley your an absolut rolemodle i freaken love ya

    andrea is a fucken loser so is roberta 4 putting this stupid article

  • chelsi

    miley is soawsome

  • alex

    miley is soc cool my kids LOVE her so dearly keep on rocken miley love ya lots

  • swade

    awsome love ya tonz miley :)

  • Eric

    First off, I don’t personally believe this article. Also the miley fans need to grow up and get off this page like this. Also, Roberta don’t u have power to delete comments? if not you might want to find a way to get that power if this is your site. This is my first and most likely last time visiting this site just for the fact that some of these people are immature. If you have a problem with what Roberta posts then why don’t you either:
    A.) Go to a miley fan site and hang out there
    B.) Go annoy some one who really cares

    do any of you know how hard it is to actually build a site and run it? Just either grow up and post maturely like Billythekid’s second post or go crawl up in front of your televisions or radio and find something about her to either watch or listen too. Now have a good night and a Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it and a happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate that :)


  • hannah montaNA FREAK

    o shut the fuck up eric

  • sisily

    omg i freaken love miley she is the bomb did ya see her performance on the christmas parade she did fabulose love ya tonz miley

  • Liza

    OMG you rock miley you are the best keep on rocken i LOVE ya tonz

  • Nemo

    Since when did “-en” replace “-ing” in written English? Please, young idiot texters (with apologies for any redundancies there), at least get THAT part of your spelling right. As in “I think you’re all a bunch of fucking retards, and Ms. Cyrus does not ‘fucking rock': she’s a talent-free, overhyped, freaking young twit.”

  • Tessa

    Shutthe fuck up NEMO)

    Miley Cyrus you fucken rule
    miley is so cool

  • Sydnee

    I do not like Miley Cyrus. She is a bad role model. She is might be dating older guys for attention. Think about it. The guy she was dating before Justin G. was 23. Seriuosly why doesn’t she date guys her own age it would keep her out of ‘drama’, and yes I think Justin G. is using Miley Cyrus. :]]]

  • http://earsucker.com ayayaybe

    okay first off roberta you are a liar!! you like miley/hanna and dont think her music stinks!
    here are my reasons!!:
    1: you have like 12 vids on her
    2: you posted her songs
    3: you want her to be single cuz you want her
    4: she is a great role moldel and you know it!! <3
    miley you rock keep goin!! :D

  • Miriana

    I Deffently agree if roberta dosnt care about miley why is she even doing these stupid ass article? Miley You Rule i love you so dearly
    you are a good rolemodle i look up to you and support you 100%