Justin Theroux Is Dumping Jennifer Aniston?

Justin Theroux Is Dumping Jennifer Aniston?

Is Jennifer Aniston going back on the market anytime soon? We highly doubt that she’s having any problems with her latest boyfriend Justin Theroux, but “Star” magazine suggests that he’s already bored of their relationship.

Reportedly, he is keen on moving on from their short-lived romance. He was said to felt pressure to leave New York City and into Jennifer’s mansion in Los Angeles and wants his old life back. A source told the publication, “Even though Justin was blown away by Jen’s charm, sexiness and power, he now feels they aren’t compatible. The bloom is off the rose. He wants his old home, his old love Heidi Bivens and his old life back. Justin and Heidi still talk, and they are very supportive of each other.”

The source went on to say, “Justin feels she’s handled herself with grace, never becoming nasty or vindictive though it was a total shock when he began seeing Jen behind her back while they were still living together. Justin is full of remorse and regret which he has told Heidi. Justin wants a family, but he doesn’t want it with Jen.”

Jennifer reportedly told Justin that he had to stop being friendly with Heidi. The source revealed, “Jen’s had it. As if it’s not enough that she’s getting grief over the Brangelina engagement, with everyone pointing out that she’s still childless and husband-less, now she’s still got this hangover from Justin’s past haunting her! She told him he had to decide between her or Heidi – and it caused a huge bust-up between them.”

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