Justin Timberlake Confirms Romance With Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake Confirms Romance With Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake may have broken things off with Jessica Biel so that he could do Friends With Benefits with co-star Mila Kunis, but it appears that his relationship with Jessica is back on!

Back in March, he announced that they had gone their separation, but rumors were rampant of a reconciliation after they were spotted out together.

When he was asked if they had gotten back together in a new interview, he said, “Yes, Jessica is still the most significant person in my life.”

And there you have it!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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  • Guest

    Those 2 never split!  It was all for publicity.  I’m so sick of these do anything for attention and get our money celebs.  I’m glad his movie failed.  Hopefully this will teach other celebs we are tired of lining their pockets based on them making fools of us. 

    • Yaya

      Interesting…I did get the feeling the split was for the movie, at least on his part. Not really sure Jessica was down for it. But I wouldn’t put it past JT. Also, I could believe he tried to get with MIla, she wasn’t down, so he put his tails between his legs and went back to jessica. I hope that is not the case for her sake. I really like Jess and I think they look good together.