JWoww’s nude photos are more graphic than her ex is letting on

Accorrding to reports, there is a little more to the JWoww nude photo scandal story that we know about.

Her ex-boyfriend, Tom Lippolis went to court to try to release the photos, but has since been blocked. Now, her lawyer, Rudy Fusco said, “Jenni is obviously very happy that the judge saw it her way. Tom is out there right now, doing a lot of press, radio shows and the Twitter, the Facebook – all that fun stuff. I saw a post of his describing the pictures, and that’s not the whole story — trust me. The pictures are a lot more graphic than that. They’re not what he’s making them out to be.”

Reportedly, the photos were taken when Jenni was under anesthesia, but Tom says otherwise. Her lawyer went on to say, “He’s also trying to say that Jenni is just throwing this in there as a way to deflect attention from the contractual argument that they’re having — and that’s not true at all, either. If he remembers, we sent him a letter back in September requesting these photos and avoiding any legal action, which he obviously declined.”

He added, “There’s a lot more to the story that Jenni has not released yet. We’re thinking about releasing background information so that people can get a better picture of the crap that he’s trying to do and what these pictures truly represent.”

Oh just release them already!

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