Kacie Boguskie Talks About The Bachelor Ben Flajnik (Photos)

Kacie Boguskie Talks About The Bachelor Ben Flajnik (Photos)

After the hometown dates on The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik eliminated Kacie Boguskie. Ben went to Kacie’s hometown of Clarksville, Tennessee and learned that her parents were religious and her father doesn’t drink. He didn’t feel as if he got their approval, so he sent her home. If you’ve missed that episode, read the recap here.

On Monday’s episode of the show, Kacie went to Switzerland to ask Ben what actually happened that led to his elimination of her from the previous week. She also warned Ben about how Courtney Robertson really is, prompting him to fake contemplation about his future with her.

Kacie Boguskie Talks About The Bachelor Ben Flajnik (Photos)

Kacie appeared on today’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about the show. She told Ellen that Ben really did break her heart. Ellen asks her if she thinks Courtney is really that manipulative and she says yes. Editing only goes so far and the producers can’t edit the actual words that came out of her mouth.

She said that she was shocked to learn that Ben and Courtney went skinny-dipping in Puerto Rico and her “jaw dropped” when she found that out.

Ellen asked Kacie if Ben picks Courtney and she said that she thinks he does. Afterward, they played a clip from the upcoming Women Tell All special, in which all of the women gang up on Courtney. Casey S. tried to defend Courtney, claiming that she wasn’t the only one bad-mouthing the other ladies. But that was debunked when one of the ladies asks why they are all friends except for Courtney.

Drama, drama, drama! Will you be watching the Women Tell All special?

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