Kanye West Denies Tweeting Nude Kim Kardashian Photo

Kanye West Denies Tweeting Nude Kim Kardashian Photo

A reported nude photo of Kim Kardashian has made its way across the internet after it was rumored that her boyfriend Kanye West posted it on his Twitter account. Despite the fact that we know he didn’t tweet the picture, Kanye’s rep is now denying any involvement from the rapper.

A year-old photo of adult star Amia Miley was posted on the social networking service and the rumor mill started up that the pic was Kim. Sure, it definitely looked like Kim’s ginormous tushy and because we know that she has basically no shame, we kind of figured that it could be her. She sold a sex tape of hers for millions of dollars, so who could really put it past her to show her butt?

Kanye’s rep said, “In regards to this ‘story’ that Kanye posted and then took down intimate pictures on his Twitter account: TOTALLY FALSE. Laughably so. This phantom tweet never occurred on his account.”

TMZ called the joke as part of something called Wankster Wednesday, but that doesn’t really make sense considering that all of this happened on a Tuesday. We’re just sayin’.

Kanye’s rep added, “This is obviously the desperate, sad act of someone seeking to gain media exposure by exploiting Kanye’s notoriety. Kanye doesn’t even know this person, has never seen this picture, and hasn’t been on his Twitter account for a day.”

There you have it.

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