Kanye West To Kim Kardashian: Stop With The Plastic Surgery

Kanye West To Kim Kardashian: Stop With The Plastic Surgery

There were reports making their way across the internet in the past suggesting that reality star Kim Kardashian underwent $100,000 worth of plastic surgeries in order to look the way she does today. Take the pictures below — you can really tell a drastic change from the way she looked before she rose to fame as a hanger-on to Paris Hilton.

Kanye West To Kim Kardashian: Stop With The Plastic Surgery

It only makes sense that her rapper boyfriend Kanye West isn’t too thrilled with the amount of plastic surgery that Kim has allegedly had. His mother, Donda West, passed away in 2007 as the result of complications from plastic surgery. Certainly he wouldn’t want the mother of his child to suffer the same fate.

A source revealed, “Kim was certain that she wanted to have surgery after giving birth because she wanted a head start on losing her baby weight.”

The snitch revealed that Kanye really flipped out when he learned of her plans to have a little nip and tuck. The source said, “Kanye told Kim in no uncertain terms that she needed to put her baby and her life first. He got pretty emotional because he really didn’t want her going through that kind of major surgery. He’s still traumatized from his mom’s death.”

The source added, “Kanye was devastated by her passing and it’s made him extremely protective of those he loves. He really put his foot down and told Kim the surgery ban is a condition of being with him.”

TELL US: Will she listen to what he has to say? What do you think?

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This post is written by Jed Eckert

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