Kanye West Settles Beating Case For $250,000

Kanye West Settles Beating Case For $250,000

When Kim Kardashian went to a doctor’s appointment recently, she was badgered with racist remarks with regard to her rapper boyfriend Kanye West. He quickly swooped in to lay the smackdown on the guy and he has since been sued over the incident. Kanye definitely has some serious anger issues, doesn’t he?

Either way, TMZ is now reporting that Kanye has decided to settle the case with the victim:

The guy Kanye West beat up in the waiting room of a Beverly Hills chiropractor hit the jackpot … scoring a settlement of MORE THAN $250,000 … TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the negotiations tell us … the young man who allegedly hurled racial epithets at Kim earlier this month has agreed to the civil settlement and now feels satisfied enough that he does NOT want to go forward with a criminal prosecution.

Law enforcement sources tell us … the D.A. has not decided whether to charge Kanye with battery. The reality is … there’s almost no chance of that happening. First, the D.A. now has an uncooperative victim. Second, the victim’s alleged racial epithets will not sit well with the jury. And there are probably lots of Kanye fans in the jury pool.

We’re told during the settlement negotiations the victim’s demand soared to the upper 6 figures, so $250K is just a fraction.

$250,000?!? How is that going to discourage this kind of thing from happening again?!? We’re curious, because that is one heck of a lot of money and it would provoke others into hurling racial insults at the rapper for the thought of a payday that freakin’ huge. Thoughts?

Via HollywoodGab

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