Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian To Quit Reality TV

Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian To Quit Reality TV

Kanye West must be delusional if he thinks he can get his girlfriend Kim Kardashian to quit doing reality television. Surely, he knows how she rose to fame…She hooked up on camera with Ray J and proceeded to ride the porno-esque wave to superstardom. Since, she has slapped her name on everything imaginable to keep herself in the spotlight.

According to the latest reports, Kanye wants her to give up doing “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. Because that’s totally going to happen, right? He has already appeared in several episodes of the show, but doesn’t want to have his mug on the show ever again. And reportedly, he doesn’t want her to have anything to do with the show, either.

A source revealed, “Kanye doesn’t want to film the show anymore. And he doesn’t want Kim to do reality TV either. He’s pushing her to stop. Kanye wants to be in control of his image, not at the mercy of show producers. The Kardashian show hurts his cool image.”

She is said to be considering taking Kanye’s advice in giving up the show, but is concerned about how her mother Kris Jenner feels about that. The source added, “If Kanye persuades Kim to leave reality TV, Kris will hate him for it. It will rob her family of their income.”

Well it looks like someone would just have to get a job, huh? Surely, Kris could work famewhoring out someone else’s children. She seems to do that pretty well.