Kanye West wants to be the new King Of Pop?

kanye_west_king_of_popSorry about your luck, Kanye, but that title only belongs to one man….and he’s gone.

According to a source, Kanye West has revealed that he wishes to be known as the new King Of Pop, a title only reserved for Michael Jackson. He reportedly asked the singer’s family for the use of the moniker, but hasn’t heard back. Gee, I wonder why. It’s only been a month!

Kanye supposedly said this:

“You know everyone loves and respects Michael but times change. It’s so sad to see Michael gone but it makes a path for a new King of Pop and I’m willing to take that on. There’s nobody who can match me in sales and in respect so it only makes sense for me to take over Michael’s crown and become the new King. First there was Elvis, then there was Michael, now in the 21st century its Kanye’s time to rule. I have nothing but respect for Michael but someone needs to pick up where he left off and there’s nobody better than me to do that. I am the new King of Pop.”

I’m not buying it! Are you?

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  • http://www.yahoo.com/ thriller87

    kanye needs to sit his big headed ass down, he will never be the king of pop, that title is reserved for michael, and no one else. he will never revolutionize music, video or fashion the way that michael has, he will never outsell him and he never win as many awards as mike. kanye really needs to chill out, because now his outrageous comments have finally gone too far.

  • veronical

    whoaa , kanye you need to put your self on mute asap! that’s crazy nobody wants you as their king. I was and still am a loyal follower of the late king of pop ! whoa, someone is feeding you a whole bunch of bull ! he needs a quick ego check && control himself. new king of pop my ass ! there’s only one king and his name is Michael Jackson!!

  • trey

    Kanye West just really lost his mind. Is he loosing it or something. I bet he could not sell 20 million copies of an album to save his life., yet alone over 100 million. He wishes he could be The King of Pop but that title belongs to the one and only MJ. He is the biggest selling artist of the week again and yet it has been 4 weeks since his death. The man has won more awards than any other entertainer in history, and has broken like what in countable records. Nobody will ever match what he was able to do in his career therefore he is and remain the King of Pop. Really the King of Music who even compares to him as a solo artist besides Elvis not even adding what he did with the J5. I bet MJ’s album Dangerous which has sold 34 million copies has more records and sells than all of Kanue’s put together. We all know Thriller does so wake up and check the charts Kanye. Last I checked MJ was still #1.

  • Christopher

    I think that it is a little too soon to be wanting to be king. I believe Kanye has what it takes though. I mean think about it. T-Pain is always on auto-tune. Sean Kingston is cool but he isn’t really the “greatest”. Chris Brown is despised my many(not myself) for destroying Rihanna. Ne-Yo really only has So sick as a song we all remember. Usher or Juatin Timberlake, I don’t even hear his songs on the radio anymore. And Flo rida steals all his beats. Kanye has songs like Stronger; Gold Digger; Can’t tell me nothin; Heartless; Flashin lights etc. And he has been featured in so many other songs. (Ex. Knock you down; American boy, etc.) Now I like all of the previously mentioned artist except Flo Rida, but Kanye is just statistically so much better. He produces his own songs, his own beats, and he gets a lot of sales. He has had and recently had number 1 hit songs. Sold out concerts and a lot of people like him. Most people who are gonna read this will not like the idea of stripping MJ of his title but whether we like it or not he is dead. He was a great artist but there is a reason why we pass the tourch. And Kanye West would carry that tourch proudly.

    • getreal

      listen to daft punk’s harder,better,faster,stronger

    • Eva

      Kanye as king of anything but his porcelain throne? Nope, not happening. To come out and declare that he is going to be the next King of Pop is ridiculous and has made himself out to be a complete asshat that is full of himself.

      Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley were revolutionaries, introducing the world to new music, new thoughts and feelings about music, new fashions, and set the stage for everyone that listened to music after them.

      Kanye has none of these qualities and nothing to offer in the way of inspiration and revolution.

  • Awesome

    Perpetuating fake news stories as actual news is awesome journalism.

  • Lolcoon

    Comment removed by editor for racism – please be nice!

  • jjgh101luv

    The only thing that Kanye West is the king of is gay fish.

  • elia

    Michael is still is and always be the KING OF POP! may he rest in peace. they gave michael the title, he did not name himself the king of pop. being the king of pop was part of michael’s life, kanye is trying to take that away. he should never name himself the king of pop he should earn it, just like michael. michael jackson worked hard for his career, he has been singing since he was really young, michael has been through a lot in his life, he had many ups and many downs. becoming the king of pop was one of the ups and NO ONE can take that away from him! kanye is trying to take it away, Michael just died over a month ago and look at what kanye is doing, he only cares about fame. There can only be ONE King Of Pop, and that ONE is MICHAEL JACKSON, and he will always be that ONE, no matter what. REST IN PEACE MICHAEL JACKSON August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009 <3

  • MJ

    Michael Jackson’s not the king of pop… because Phill is

  • Candace

    Kanye, you are so insensitive to even ask the family at this time. What an idiot. He will never be the King of Pop. Probably Rap or whatever, but you will never have that title. Elvis & Michael out do you by everything. Don’t make yourself look like an idiot.
    Back off.

  • Seriously?

    LOL what a joke! Does fat ego head Kanye really think he’s “Pop” Last I checked, he was always saying he’s a rapper/hip-hop artist. That’s not a pop artist by any means.

    Same goes for everyone that’s been posting saying “Well this guy should be it” You’re all listing Hip-Hop artists!!! NOT POP MUSIC which is what MJ was. Did you hear HIM rapping at all? Yeah didn’t think so…

  • sideshowRaheem

    Come on guys do a little bit a research. I was able to tell instantly that the story and the quotes were bogus. Scrape.tv is a JOKE website, that means EVERYTHING they write is nothing more than humor-tinged fabrication. An excerpt from the story: “West has reportedly tried to make contact with members of the Jackson clan to obtain official permission to use the title but has thus far received no response. It is believed the family is mourning the death of their loved one and have given little thought to the line of succession.” Come on, you SERIOUSLY couldn’t tell that it was all just pure BS at this point? Are you really that daft?

  • Jammahn

    Kanye, I just want to know one thing…do you like fish sticks?

  • Kanye West Is Dumb

    If Kanye West died, who cares if he dies! hahahha….shut up you dark face loser. you deserve to be called the King of Crying. hahaha…..always so quick to stir up drama to increase album sales huh Kanye? Sit ur big head in the corner and cry some more about not winning awards.

  • Mady

    Ok, Kanye never made such claims, the story is a hoax. Though I wouldn’t put it past him, I think it’s time we give the poor guy a break.

  • MJ


  • Ronnie

    Im disgusted, I really am. How can somebody say that they are going to take Michael’s Crown espcially after he’s just passed away, Michael should turn in his grave after Kanye West worked with him on some of his songs, that is so unbelievably egotistical and two faced.
    I cannot beleive he could say such a horrible and disgusting comment, I believe that he is too egotistical from jsut reading what he has apparantly said, how dare he slag off a musical legend behind his back, I wouldn’t blame the family for not replying back, that is completely innapropriate and it goes to show his mindset and his way of thinking, if it wasn’t for Michael Jackson, he wouldn’t even be on the television in the first place, so how can he say that, hes getting well to big over his station. R.I.P. Michael, I just wish people wpuld stop bad mouhthing you, I was expecting people to leave you alone now you are gone, but obvsiously not, people have to make there dumb comments for attention. I think we should teach him a lesson and boycott Kanyes sales, to make sure we ruin Kanye’s so called special egotistical dream.

  • vanessa

    ok kanye west i love so much but dont you think asking for the throne is a little to much like come on this is micheal jackson his name will always be under this title forever and ever i dont like the thought of the throne being given to anyone else i love you i think you are the greatest rapper alive but its to soon for the title to be given away wait 10 years or so maybe it will happen u could be the king of pop you would be great omg not great but awesome but everyone loves micheal jackson and so pll dis like you because of your ego so i realy dont know about you wanting to be king?

  • rapidflow

    lol. your just a weasel . you cant even rap that well . people like big L, Nas and others are way above your league. your album 808’s heartbreak was a fail. You just use a programmer to correct your voice.

  • crystal

    I wish he would shut the hell up. first of all, mj was in the music industry mostly his whole life. and kanye? all he does is make hits that doesnt even last that long. michael has created sooo many hits that are still considered the BIGGEST HITS OF ALL TIME. how dare he! then has the nerve to apoli-lie. mane f him and his weak ass music

  • kelisha

    kayne west need to shut his mouth with those big fucking lips of his bout the new king off pop Never you hear me never

  • shontelle

    fuck of kayne go suck my big toe bout the new king of pop……

  • Jade Black

    Elvis was like the father and King of Rock and Roll. Michael Jackson was the King of Pop. You cant take over that crown, you just have to create and earn your own. I dont like Kanye anymore after this….

  • Claretta

    Woah. I heard another thing that he said he didnt say it. But i also watched the wendy williams show and thats what she quoted from him. Wendy has alot of sources.

  • superj

    this sounds like a media hoax from someone whos bored and wishes they had someone famous to report dying this month but doesnt. is kanye that stupid to say something like that, let alone anyone?

  • Kiara Williams

    Wow Kanye the new King of Pop??? I seriously doubt it, he can’t make it