Kanye West Wants To Move To Paris

Kanye West Wants To Move To Paris

Rapper Kanye West loves Paris, France so much that he wants to move there. In fact, he also wants reality star Kim Kardashian to move there with him once their first child together is born. She’s said to be due this July, so the family is planning on a move to the city of love once the baby is here.

A source revealed, “Kanye has his heart set on it. And when Kanye wants something, Kanye gets it. Period. He’s obsessed with moving to Paris.”

Kim is said to be upset over his plans and is trying to convince him to only spend the baby’s first six months in Paris. The source said, “Kim’s mother Kris Jenner is adamant that it’s a terrible idea. She’s worried. The baby will be born at Cedars Sinai where her niece and nephew were born. Kim loves Paris but would never give birth to her first child away from her family.”

The snitch added, “She met with doctors in Paris so she could set up for the child’s first six months. She has agreed to spend the first six months in Paris with Kanye and their child.”

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  • Allie

    Kanye can go to Paris… Good riddance

  • Robyn

    So he can get away from Kim!