Kara DioGuardi says there was no Katy Perry feud

According to Kara DioGuardi, there was no feud between herself and singer Katy Perry on last night’s “American Idol”.

When talking about the so-called feud with Ryan Seacrest, she said, “I think that’s really funny. People actually think that I was upset by this – like there was tension. When I look at it, I think that it’s really funny. I think that it’s really good that she disagreed with me. I think that it’s important that people have different opinions or else wants to watch the show. It’d be boring.”

When asked by Seacrest if there was any tension between the two, she replied, “Not really.”

She said, “It’s Katy. I’ve known Katy for a long time. I remember Katy when she was jumping up and down on consoles. She had more energy than the room could actually take.”

The reported feud was started when the judges panel interrupted the wannabe singer, which caused debate as to whether or not they should just let her pass onto Hollywood Week.

On the show, DioGuardi said, “I feel like we should just say yes.” Perry replied, “Well I don’t feel like we should ever just say yes.”

DioGuardi said, “Well I feel bad”, to which Perry responded, “Don’t ever put someone through because you feel bad.”

“Ooh! She told me!” DioGuardi said in response.

DioGuardi felt the need to explain why she wanted to put the contestant through. She said, “She came in and we interrupted her audition a hundred times. We never allowed her to sing. I was starting to say, ‘I feel bad. We feel like we should just put her through because we put her through so much crap here. I don’t want people to ever think I put people through because I feel bad. Well, I did in that moment.”

And there you have it! No feud!

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