Karrueche Tran And Chris Brown Ready To Get Married?

Karrueche Tran And Chris Brown Ready To Get Married?

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown might just be ready to settle down and get married. Reportedly, the model is set to tie the knot with the singer, despite his many legal troubles. She is even said to be willing to stay with him if he has to go to jail as a result of his recent probation violation.

A source revealed, “Of course she would marry Chris. There’s not one man she would rather spend the rest of her life with other than Chris. She loves him that much and will be there for him no matter what happens in March. Obviously, she doesn’t want him going to jail. She wants him home and in the studio so he can continue to inspire people with his music and his dancing and share his talents with the world.

Another source said that Chris is looking forward to marrying Karrueche as well, but is really concerned about what is going to go down during his court appearance in a couple of months. The source said, “He is scared and he’s contemplating marrying Karrueche now before his situation gets worse. Chris is thinking ahead because he doesn’t know what will happen in March. He could go to prison or he could be free. But what he does know is that he wants his girl to have full and complete access and power over all of his affairs and to make sure that legally happens. She’d have to be his wife and he’s cool with that.”

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown may end up tying the knot prior to his March court date. Do you think they would be getting married for the right reasons? Just recently, she showed off some diamond rings that were reportedly from Chris. Perhaps they will tie the knot in a secret ceremony? Thoughts?

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