Kate Gosselin And Her Daughters Mady And Cara Cover People Magazine

Kate Gosselin And Her Daughters Mady And Cara Cover People Magazine

Kate Gosselin and her twin daughters Mady and Cara Gosselin are featured on the cover of the latest issue of People magazine. If you were like us and expected all of Kate’s kids to walk away from their lives in the spotlight with some pretty awesome tell-all books, then you might be sadly mistaken. There’s still time in the future for that and for their perspective on life to change and/or correct itself to the norms, no?

Either way, the twin teenage girls aren’t speaking poorly about their mother — primarily because their crazy life in the front of the cameras is all that they have really known. Of course they don’t find any of the goings-on around them to be out of the ordinary. Like any other teenage kid who has parents who have gone through a divorce, they probably think that it sucks, but life goes on.

People gave us a little bit of insight into their cover story with this snippet:

“People expect us to be damaged,” Cara says, as Mady joins in: “People think we’re supposed to be messed up, like, ‘Oooooh, the poor Gosselin kids, they’re going to be scarred for life, waaaaah.’ Here’s the big news: we’re not messed up.”

What they are, however, is outspoken and ready to set the record straight on surviving their parents’ bitter split, starring on a hit reality show, and the biggest issue they’re still grappling with (hint: it involves six 9-year-olds with whom they share a house.) And when it comes to mom Kate, they aren’t shy with their opinions.

Mady and Cara are only 13-years-old at this point, so perhaps in the future, we may get a more real and better story. It doesn’t sound like they are damaged, but it does reek of Kate trying to speak through them because of her want to return to the world of reality television. She could quite possibly have coached them into saying that none of this has been bad on them, don’t you think? She’s like Pimp Mama Kris — she is devious, but doesn’t want to be devious to us directly.

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