Kate Gosselin Denies Facelift Rumors

Kate Gosselin Denies Facelift Rumors

Now that Kate Gosselin has found herself a “mediocre” job as a coupon blogger
for CouponCabin.com, it was rumored that she had gone under the knife! Reportedly, she had gotten a new face to go along with her new career dispensing advice on money saving tips.

Now, Kate is denying any claims of having work done to her face — and even calls it a compliment! Oh lord. Here we go.

She says that she doesn’t mind all of the gossip about her new face, because it makes her feel like she looks good. She said, “With all the buzz about me having had a facelift, I will confirm that I have not had one (I am only 36!!!). But I will take all of the talk about how rested and young I look as a compliment! So thanks!”

For the love of God. She will turn anything around to appear as if it is a compliment, won’t she? Seriously. Please just go away already. Can we start a petition?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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