Kate Gosselin fears she’ll have to get a real job

Kate Gosselin fears she'll have to get a real job

Reality television star and mother of eight Kate Gosselin says that she’s worried that she may have to get a real job! Oh noes!

She makes her return to television for the season premiere of her show Kate Plus 8 tonight, but she doesn’t think she’s going to get a warm welcome.

An insider said, “This season Kate has been told to bring her A-game. If her ratings drop to the one million mark, this will be her last season, and then Kate would have to get a real job. TLC hadn’t really done Kate Plus 8 in a series way until now — it was just sporadic specials that people had trouble finding. TLC does believe in her.”

We’re also hearing reports that Kate is missing her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin. The snitch went on to say, “He was her whipping boy, but also her best friend. Yes, things were very toxic between them, but there was at least some sort of camaraderie. His departure made the show less interesting to people and left a very real hole in her life. She pretends to be made of steel, but underneath, she is very sensitive.”

Will you be tuning in to her show?

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  • Shamunancy

    If Kate G. were THE only show on tv I would rather be a snake keeper and I fear and detest snakes all in one. That’s how much I detest Kate G. And this is for Kate:
    “waa waa waa” want some whine with that cheese?” You fear that you’ll have to get a REAL job. You mean like we all have? You are so demeaning, and pathetic, and you will never change. I actually fear for your kids. Although I think it’s already too late for them to ever know what life should be like because you’ve poisoned them with your horrible personality, I hope that even 1 of them can ‘beat the pattern of life’ that you have already taught them.
    And to you TLC, I hope that you’ve learned your lesson too. When things go bad, cut those things off – something that you refused to do and forced us to continue to have this controlling, demeaning, narcisisstic woman in our daily lives. Doesn’t it bother you that you had a big part in ruining those kids lives too?
    Need I say that I will not be one of those idiots who will be tuning in to this show to exploit those kids, continue to enable Kate G. to see if she can get any more horrible than she already is.
    Oh, and here are a few my ultimate moments of: “The I Hate Kate Show”:
    The shows on them getting Solar Heating put up on the roof of the home she lives in at this time and how horrible she treated those men installing the system. She should have been so grateful, and could have at least pretended to be enthused and thankful for all the hard work they did and am sure it was all for free too! The best she could do was to bake them cookies.
    Then there was one of those first trips they took to go skiing. She supposedly was sick but managed to feel ok to go to the spa instead of helping to go with the kids for support on things that they never had done before.
    And let’s not forget those ‘memorable’ moments on Dancing With The Stars. This is my favorite show of all time, and she made it torture to watch where the segments she was in, I finally had to just turn off because she made me sick to my stomach. The way she treated Tony was horrible.
    Another memorable moment was their trip to go camping with the Palin family. No matter what you think about Sarah Palin, this show was great because it gave us a wonderful insight of Alaska and how they deal with the weather out there and exactly how beautiful it is. Kate G. was such a spoiled brat, there’s another word that begins with a ‘B’ but I won’t use it. That was a good way to act in front of her kids, how ungrateful she was to the Palins, and she sure showed her true colors to those of us who watched the show to the end. waa waa waa Kate G.
    Of course I could go on and on, but I won’t. Congratulations TLC – Good Job . NOT!
    Go Away Kate should be the name of this show!

    • CELESTINE1969

      Oh OMG…I remember that episode of Sarah Palin’s Show….she acted ungreatful to the Palin’s and whiny and bratty and the kids had to watch that…they were having a great time…ruffing it…but Sarah dad saw her true colors the minute he told her to stand by fire to get warm way up to it and as usual…the complaining  and whining.  As usual Kate spoiled it when they had to leave for the Lodge she planned for them..since she was too good to ruff it outside…if you could see the look on those kids faces they didn’t want to go….enough said here I’m getting sick….Shamunancy…you hit it on the nose.