Kate Gosselin to sing?

According to PopEater, Kate Gosselin is moving to Los Angeles, after doing some house hunting in the Hollywood Hills.

What’s weird is that she’s seeking out a $2 million mansion that has a pool, hot tub and a recording studio, among other things.

That prompts me to wonder if this non-dancing mom of eight has plans to invade our eardrums with her singing? Why else would she want a home with a recording studio? Unless she plans on pimping out the kids for their singing abilities.

Things that make you go hmmmm…?

Kate Gosselin to sing? was last modified: April 14th, 2010 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • shle896

    I think Kate can do anything she sets her mind to. The more I observe how she has handled herself during this divorce and custody debacle with her douche bag husband, the more I am growing to admire her. She has consistently taken the high road while her husband has continued to embarrass himself and his family by talking to tabloids andd cavorting with strippers and barely legal girls.

    I am so sick of the whole bash Kate thing, as Kate did nothing wrong except be a little grumpy to her philandering husband while taking care of her eight kids. Imagine that! Obviously she can't count on her husband for support, so she is doing everything she can to give her kids a great life. Kudos to her for her resilience and perseverance!

    Pretty sure she won't be singing anytime soon, but she could do just about anything else. She's looking smoking hot these days!

  • Amanda

    I totally agree with that. She is impressive. That woman knows what she needs to do and goes for it! I am sorry but Jon has not done a single thing but get with young girls. Has anyone ever seen anything good about jon in the media! NO! I think the Kate bashing needs to end too!