Kate Gosselin Wants To Be On Dance Moms

Kate Gosselin Wants To Be On Dance Moms

Perhaps coupon blogging really isn’t paying the bills for mother of eight Kate Gosselin. Rumor has it that she wants to give dancing another try! Really, Kate?!? Do we need another reminder of how bad this woman is on the stage? [Editor’s Note: NO, we do NOT!]

Kate is said to be pushing her daughters to become dancing stars on the show Dance Moms. She still must want the paycheck that goes along with being on television because now she believes her girls can be big stars.

A source revealed, “Kate is obsessed with keeping her family in the limelight, and she’s been in serious talks with the Lifetime series’ producers to incorporate her daughters into the show. She thinks Dance Moms is the perfect vehicle for getting her girls back in front of the TV cameras, and hopefully will lead to bigger opportunities for all the Gosselins.”

The source went on to say, “Kate’s ultimate goal is for the entire family to get roles on TV and in movies. She sees Dance Moms as a chance to get back in the big time — where Kate’s convinced she belongs!”

Do you think she should put her kids through any more television? Or are you of the mind that it could be damaging to them psychologically?

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  • Sandy G.

    Dance Moms?!!!  Those kids on “Dance Moms” are excellent dancers, not just “want to be” excellent dancers.  There is a huge difference and I doubt the Gosselin girls are in the same category as the girls on that show. 

  • Psycho101361

    Oh please!!!! Kate going up against Abby Lee? Guess who would win that one!!!!!!  Abby Lee is a bigger bitch than Kate!!!! I feel sorry for Kate’s five girls though, especially Cara and Alexis who are so sensative anyway and being caught in the middle between Abby Lee and their mom during a bitch fight!!!!!!

  • Katieq

    Holy he ll.. This dumb narcissist is out of her mind. When is she going to learn that NO ONE wants to see her nasty self on TV anymore or her kids. The girls who dance on there are superb  dancers. There is NO way an over weight Cara and a crazy Mady would EVER dance like them. Go back to nursing Khate. What the heck is the matter with you? 

  • 1shopgirl

    Kate is a legend in her own mind. She is not an out of work actress, she’s a mother. A mother of very pretty girls, but the girls on Dance Mom’s are in a league of their own. Her ten minutes of fame are over.

  • Sandra

    It’s all about Kate G, I think her kids are happier without the cameras! Kate needs to go back to nursing that family has NO talent! I guess Kate needs to put her kids back to work so they could make het some$$$$$$. Kate loves attention! She lies on twitter all the time!

  • bettytyson

    Did you watch the “Extreme Couponing” show they should have featured Printapons which I use and print coupons from online

  • Ziggyflo

    Kate never tried to get on the show. 

  • Ggkethomp

    What a SELFISH woman….

  • Cathy Heitmeier

    I think Kate is psychologically damaged!  If money is tight, move out of that enormous house on those acres of land and live within your means.  Allow your kids to decide how they will live their lives in the future and then encourage them to WORK to achieve those goals.  Reality Check Kate, not reality show!

  • Donna

    As a mother of sons I am still traumatised at the thought that one of them could end up with a woman like Kate.  I am sorry but her husband Jon was really put through the mud and trashed unfairly and I think that all of the kids especially the two older girls can’t help but have some problems being raised by her.  Don’t worry, I am sure Jon will get all of the blame though.