Kate Gosselin’s Eight Kids Want To Live With Their Dad

Kate Gosselin's Eight Kids Want To Live With Their Dad

Kate Gosselin and her brood of eight children are featured on the cover of the newest issue of In Touch Weekly magazine. On the cover, the magazine states that her youngest six children with Jon are basically living in fear of their mother. In addition, the magazine reports that they are so uncomfortable living under her roof that they are basically living in fear! That seems about right, doesn’t it?

The magazine drops the living situation bombshell that her kids seem afraid to say. The youngest children, the sextuplets, want to live with Jon. We’re guessing that means that they no longer wish for their own mother to continue trying to pimp them out for a reality television deal?

Ever since Kate’s show was cancelled, it seems that she has been really trying hard to chase the spotlight. So much, that it seems like she cares for nothing else than wringing the public dry with whatever she can possibly push off on us. She obviously became accustomed to living in a certain manner after she and Jon began receiving a ton of freebies, but she shouldn’t have pushed off partial responsibility for her lifestyle on her children’s shoulders.

All along she has wanted the media and public to believe that it was her children’s choice to be filmed for their reality show. Certainly they didn’t know any better, but as of late it seems that she is really pushing her kids out there into the public’s view. Especially when it comes to the oldest girls, Mady and Cara. She got them to appear on a talk show and it went over like a led-filled balloon. Poor kids. They don’t want to talk bad about their mother on national television, but of course they want to remain in their mother’s good graces. It was an awkward interview, at best, but perhaps their mom taught them that if they don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best not to speak at all?

What do you think? Should the kids be allowed to go live with their dad? He obviously has a more reasonable lifestyle away from the prying eyes of the cameras. Thoughts?

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