Kate Middleton Bored Of The Royal Life?

Kate Middleton Bored Of The Royal Life?

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, hasn’t been married to Prince William long, but according to reports, she is already bored with the royal lifestyle. Say it isn’t so!

She was the star of the show when she married the future King, but now, she’s already twiddling her thumbs as the Duke does his military duty. Pals of the Duchess worry that she will go crazy from the boredom…

A source said, “Kate’s crying herself to sleep at night. She feels as if she’s lost her royal privileges, and she’s been left to fend for herself in the sticks. She feels desperately lonely and abandoned much of the time.”

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We’re sure that’s not the case. She knew what she was getting into when she signed up for this lifestyle. We know that the Duke is surely rather busy with his military work, but we’re doubting that she’s going to die of boredom any time soon.

The source went on to say, “It’s all a far cry from the pomp and majesty of her wedding and the days when she became a London style icon, soaking up the nightlife with William. Kate is now reduced to waiting at home for her man to return from duty, and then cooking his dinner after pushing a cart round the local supermarket.”

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Because being a housewife and all of that is such hard work! Trust me, there are millions of women out there that do grocery shopping and cooking and much more. So we’re not buying this one bit. Are you?

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  • guest

    Good Grief I wonder which tabloid printed this story….  

  • Trendrep

    It is non of our business, please leave her weight, pregnancy, marriage, and love life alone.

  • Tayahrvick

    hmmm filthy rich, hot husband..i’d suck it up. 

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  • guest


  • Anonymous


  • Marthie

    Nope. She had almost a decade to decide if she wanted this life style, I’m sure she’s not crying herself to sleep or anything like that. People are just trying to be dramatic, and start rumors about her..Leave her alone. Let her enjoy her marriage, and her life. 

  • kris

    shes so annoying, who the fuck cares about her anyway… she wanted this, so let her have it

  • Guestofaguest

    I can’t believe anyone would believe such rubbish.  Anything for website hits, eh, Earsucker?

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  • Elizabeth Huntoon

    Will people just leave her be?! I don’t believe any of this garbage! This is nothing but lies!

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  • J1m2r3

    Your sources about Kate are just plain wrong.  In no way is she bored and if she were, I doubt seriously she would let you or anyone else know.  She has quite a bit of class.