Kate Middleton Considering A Hypnobirth?

Kate Middleton Considering A Hypnobirth?

According to reports, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is considering a hypnobirth for the delivery of her first child. As you may already know, Kate is due to give birth this July with his first baby with Prince William. As any first mother, she is likely to be worried about the pain involved in the birthing process. So why not try a hypnobirth?

The NY Daily News has the scoop:

“Kate has researched various birthing methods. She wants it to be natural, so hypno-birthing is one option that appealed and she had been reading up on it and listening to CDs to get into the right frame of mind,” a source told the UK’s Grazia Magazine.

When the big day arrives this summer, it has been suggested, Middleton will be submerged in water in a birthing pool at St. Mary Hospital in Paddington, London, where her husband, Prince William, was born.

What do you think of the idea of Kate having a hypnobirth? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments!

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