Kate Middleton: How Having Prince George Changed Her

Kate Middleton: How Having Prince George Changed Her

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton appears front and center on the latest issue of Us Weekly. Inside, the magazine talks about how having Prince George changed the Duchess. From the cover:

Doing it her way! Kate reinvents royal traditions and fights to give her little prince a normal family life

We’re not sure how much of a normal life Prince George is going to have, considering that he is third in line for the throne. It’s more likely that he will get special treatment in every situation in his entire life. Sure, Kate will fight for some normalcy and she just might get it, but it won’t be our “everyday” kind of normal treatment. Really, he shouldn’t be treated like any other normal kid, right? He’s going to rule England one day, so of course he’ll know a much different life than anyone normal people know.

In addition, the magazine has some hot set photos from the new Hunger Games movie Catching Fire. Also featured is Kim Kardashian’s television wedding to rapper Kanye West. Lastly, the magazine has a piece on Lisa Vanderpump’s feud with Brandi Glanville.

Is all of this enough to get you to pick up this copy of the magazine? We think it’s a bit tame as far as gossip related news is concerned, don’t you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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