Kate Middleton Jealous Of Pippa’s Single Life?

Kate Middleton Jealous Of Pippa's Single Life?

Kate Middleton married Prince William in April of last year and since, she’s been treated like the royalty that she married into. Apparently, Kate is jealous of her sister Pippa’s single life. Who knew?!?

She waited for William for YEARS, so why on Earth are we supposed to believe that she is still interested in the life of a single person?

Now magazine reports that Kate is jealous of Pippa because of all of the freedom that she has. A source said, “Kate sees Pippa on her skiing trips and living her own life but she can’t do any of that. She misses having a social life of her own. She loved rowing with female athletes The Sisterhood but the days when she could be part of that are long gone.”

The source added, “She knows it’s all worth it to be with Wills, but every now and again she wonders what it would be like if they just had normal lives.”

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