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Kate Middleton Misses Prince William

Kate Middleton Misses Prince William

Now that Prince William is currently away in the Falkland Islands, his wife, Duchess Catherine has been left all alone. Reportedly, things have been getting to be a bit too much for Kate and it’s being reported that she is desperately missing her husband!

Now magazine has revealed that Kate has requested a satellite phone so that she can contact her Prince. A source revealed to the magazine, “She asked for a satellite phone so they can talk in absolute privacy. They’ve been speaking almost daily. It really lifts her spirits. They’re so in love.”

Kate is being patient in waiting for the day that her husband returns from where he has been working as a search and rescue pilot. The source went on to say, “Kate just can’t wait to have him back in her arms. Once he’s back all these other worries will seem less important.”

Let’s hope that they are back in each other’s arms so that they can produce a royal heir already. Don’t you think Kate will look adorable when she’s pregnant? I wonder what they would name their offspring? What do you think?

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