Kate Middleton Suffered A Miscarriage?

Kate Middleton Suffered A Miscarriage?

Remember all of those stories that were suggesting that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton was pregnant? Well, Globe magazine is taking everything a step further, claiming that she actually was pregnant, but miscarried her first child with Prince William.

From their article:

Prince William and his bride Kate are devastated after learning she lost the baby they desperately wanted. Read the details about the heartbreaking miscarriage, how Kate broke the shattering news to William and what palace insiders are saying caused the tragedy – only in the new GLOBE.

The main photo shows a somber William and Kate, after allegedly discussing the sad news….(if it were true.) According to the cover, they learned this heartbreaking news just as William is leaving for military duty.

Also featured in this issue is Soul Train creator Don Cornelius’ death, which they are referring to as a murder. The tabloid attempts to reveal who did it and why they murdered Don. Okay, we’ll bite…why did they do it? It’s a mystery, but they promise some super-sleuthing clues!

They’ve also got a featured piece on Demi Moore’s first husband, who is apparently blabbing to the rag about their time together. In addition to that, Michelle Obama is a ton of money on sexy lingerie in order to save her marriage.

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