Kathy Hilton disses Kim Kardashian

Kathy Hilton disses Kim Kardashian

Kathy Hilton defended Paris’ Famewhore of the Decade crown during a night out at the Monkey Bar on Saturday night.

A source said, “Kathy was going on about how Paris is the original reality star and all the others had her to thank for their success.”

Kim was once said to be Paris’ stylist, so mama Hilton used that to bash Kim. When Kim was mentioned, she said, “Oh, she used to work for Paris.”

A spy at the bar said, “Kathy said Kim copied everything Paris has done.” When she was asked about Brooke Mueller, who has been filming a reality show with Paris, she said, “Brooke is nothing like Kim so we aren’t worried about her stealing Paris’ spotlight.”

Oh snap!

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