Katy Perry & Baptiste Giabiconi Are Just Friends

Katy Perry & Baptiste Giabiconi Are Just Friends

After Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry after only 14 months of marriage, she was said to be heartbroken. Now that Russell has gotten himself a new girlfriend, it was being rumored that Katy had found love again with model Baptiste Giabiconi.

Even though they were linked just recently, he insists that he is still single. During Fashion Week in Paris, they were spotted partying together, and it was even claimed at one point that he had moved in with her. Now, he’s denying any romantic involvement with Katy.

He said, “Katy Perry is a real good friend. Seriously, we appreciate each other, we see each other regularly when she is here, when I’m over there.”

He went on to say, “Lately we saw each other in London as I was rehearsing with my musicians as my tour starts soon in Germany and she had a show. She performed on a UK TV channel and it happened we were leaving on the same day, so we left in the same train. As simple as that? Yes [I am single].”

Are they really dating? Or is he trying to cop some of his 15 minutes using his connection with her? What do you think?

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