Katy Perry Covers Interview Magazine’s March 2012 Issue (Photo)

Katy Perry Covers Interview Magazine's March 2012 Issue (Photo)

Pop singer Katy Perry is featured front and center on the cover of the March 2012 issue of Interview magazine. Or, we should say her boobs are basically covering the issue. Surprisingly, this cover really doesn’t look anything like Katy.

Perhaps Katy was channeling either Amy Winehouse or Elizabeth Taylor for this photo shoot? We’re not sure what to think, because if we didn’t know any better, we definitely wouldn’t have known this was her at all.

The picture looks Photoshopped and her nose is different. Oh the magic of tweaking photos so that they appear perfect and just right.

Will Katy answer questions about her divorce from Russell Brand in this issue of the magazine? Only time will tell when the magazine is released, so stay tuned for her interview within Interview!

Katy Perry Covers Interview Magazine’s March 2012 Issue (Photo) was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Jed Eckert
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  • Tim francis

    Whoever wrote that copy above is an idiot. This is Katy Perry looking amazing, doing a photo shoot with some of the best fashion professionals in the business. This is Interview magazine not some teen rag, and Katy happens to be one of the most attractive pop stars there are. I see nothing in this photograph that has drastically altered her appearance, and I’m a professional photographer. It’s just beautiful styling, lighting, hair, make-up, and a perfect angle of her face and expression. …It’s great!