Katy Perry Dating Gerard Butler?

Katy Perry Dating Gerard Butler?

Now that Katy Perry and Russell Brand are getting divorced, it’s time for the rumor mill to go into full effect. Apparently there is a rumor floating around the internet suggesting that Katy has her sights set on Gerard Butler!

Why should she wait? Russell surely didn’t waste any time in jumping back into the dating scene, right? Gerard is hot and available, so we can’t really say that we blame her.

Now magazine is reporting that Katy has fallen head over heels in love with Gerard. Reportedly, the two were seen getting cozy with each other. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

A source revealed, “Gerard’s always had a soft spot for her. As soon as he heard about her split from Russell Brand he got in touch.”

Recently, the two were said to have gotten so close that it was actually she who convinced him to check himself into rehab for his prescription drug habit. Before checking into the Betty Ford Center, he made sure to make time to take her out to dinner.

Do you think they make a cute couple? Or can he or she do better than the other? What are your thoughts on the matter? TELL US!

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