Katy Perry denies Twitter feud with Lady Gaga

After Lady Gaga released her new video for Alejandro, like clock-work, Katy Perry tweeted that it was blasphemy. Now, she’s taking back her comments, possibly over the fear of backlash from Gaga’s fan base.

Amy Grindhouse reports:

She referred to the tweet as “more of a non-specific, general thing. But everybody made it out to be a cat fight. I think people love cat fights. It’s a turn on for people…. But everybody knows I am a massive Lady Gaga fan. If you look through my tweets, there will be about ten of them that say that I am obsessed with her.”

Was it regret? Or the fear that since Gaga is so popular, that no one will purchase her new album when it’s released? Thoughts?

Katy Perry denies Twitter feud with Lady Gaga was last modified: June 25th, 2011 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Steven

    Picking a fight with Lady Gaga, the world's biggest pop star? Not smart. Of course it's regret.

  • *~yO_gUrL_LiZZie~*

    Lady Gaga is indeed today's biggest International music icon. Katy Perry did a stupid, stupid thing saying that about her. She should be kissing butt, Lady Gaga is on a throne. And why does Katy think her poo don't stink??

  • guest

    Umm Perry is #1 on the hot 100, people get a life .