Katy Perry Is Only Using John Mayer

Katy Perry Is Only Using John Mayer

Katy Perry broke up with her former boyfriend Rob Ackroyd last month and was already seen with the musician John Mayer. They were both seen in his car and there are rumors of romance being spread. Back in 2009, they have already had a brief relationship in Miami, so this isn’t their first acquaintance.

In the past, John has has dated Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston, amongst others. He claims that there isn’t anything going on between them and that him and Katy are just “good friends.”

A source revealed, “John suggested they should work together on some tracks and Katy is toying with the idea. She also knows that John has a soft-spot for her and she’s using that to her advantage and loves the attention of being seen with good-looking guys. She has zero interest in getting together with him and even gave his earlier advances the brush off.”

If this relationship is actually happening then it has been a bit secret. She does not have a good reputation with dating, and for confirmation of that, you can ask Russell Brand. Should they be trying to ponder a collaboration musically? Could she do any worse than this twit-for-brains? Or vice versa?

Do you think they would be a good pair? Do you blame her for only getting together with him for what appears to be a photo op? He has done worse in the past to other women, so perhaps this is his payback? Somewhere in the world, Taylor Swift is having a chuckle. Watch out John, these chicks love to write angsty songs about their relationships, you may just end up as fodder for a song about your douchiness.

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