Katy Perry Performs At The Kids Inaugural Concert 2013 (Video)

Katy Perry Performs At The Kids Inaugural Concert 2013 (Video)

Pop singer Katy Perry was on hand to perform at the Kids Inaugural Concert this week, according to the latest reports. The First Lady, Michelle Obama hosted the event which saw Katy dressed in patriotic attire and saluting the U.S. troops.

Katy was seen looking very “Uncle Sam” in the video, which you can view below:

We just watched the video and can attest to the fact that Katy isn’t all that great of a live performer. She sounds like she’s gargling death and spewing out venom. In the video, she tinkers with her ear piece, but she is just concealing that she is probably tone deaf. Just listen to her!

[Disclaimer: Earsucker.com does not take responsibility for any harm to the listener’s ears as a direct result of listening to Katy Perry’s singing and/or music. If you take in this music and suffer a negative result, please seek the assistance of a doctor or go to your nearest emergency medical center.]

At least she doesn’t have her boobs all hanging out like she did for her appearance on “Sesame Street.” This performance was awful, but at least she was doing it in the spirit of performing for the families of the military. She dedicated her performance to the children of parents in the armed forces. Someone’s really got to think of the children and get them away from her singing live. Seriously. Hit the play button on the video and then tell us that you don’t agree.

For her set, she sang “Firework”, “Teenage Dream”, “Wide Awake” and “Part Of Me”. The concert celebrated President Barack Obama’s second term in office and also featured Usher and the cast of the show “Glee”.

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