Katy Perry posts racy Sky Ferreira photo

Katy Perry caused an uproar when she posted the above photo of upcoming singer Sky Ferreira with a bottle of vodka between her legs. The problem with this pic? Sky is only 17!

Last night, Katy tweeted, “I like em right before they’re famous… Fresh meeeat. @skyferreira”

Apparently, the photo also caused a ruckus for Sky. Today, Katy tweeted, “@skyferreira I didn’t know I had the power to get popstars grounded! Amazesack!”

WTF is amazesack?!? Jeez, people are screwing up the English language so badly it’s insane.

Katy Perry posts racy Sky Ferreira photo was last modified: June 25th, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • @whoisjamezray

    You people are fucking stupid! posting shit on your blog just to draw attention to your site!

    This website fails big time, Katy & Sky are both amazing as fuck!! ;)

  • fuming

    I am so sick of these bloggers looking for shit on Katy Perry. Would you rather it was just another creepy old man in his trailer home? I'm sure there were dozens of them posting up that picture but no let's instead focus on Katy because we don't like her, FUCK YOU.! Anyone with at least a double digit IQ would know that Perry was just clowning around with a friend who BTW is mature enough to know this as well, so save the phony outrage for the real predators out there or just fuck off!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Earsucker Roberta

      This "friend" is only 17. Get a grip.

      • fuming

        No you get a grip! This was at least a fucking joke, the truth of the matter is there are some real deviants on the internet doing a helluva lot worst to those less famous than that "poor 17 year old" everyone's now all of a sudden concerned about.. Instead of trying to slander Katy Perry how about asking where the Hell Sky's parents were when she was making suggestive poses in the first place!

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/Earsucker Roberta

          Agreed 100%. And Katy is a big girl, if she wants to defend herself, we're here. But nonetheless, she's irrelevant. Making up her own words like that moron Perez Hilton. I wish they would both fade into obscurity.

          • fuming

            Well whether you find her relevant or not, with whatever flaws she at least makes up for it with good song writing and for that she will always have my allegiance. One thing I will agree with you though, Perez Hilton is an ignorant talentless hack.

        • mia

          it wa a joke and do you or did your parents go every were you went or do you go every were your children t go that are 17 dum ass i know this girl sky and she is a nice girl and katty was joking and katy is only22 or 23 so fuck off

      • jim

        what is your problems /?i didnt know parents go with their teenagers every time they step out .i am sure we have all done dumb shit growing up, they just didnt have twitter when you were growing up or blogs……or internets,,,,,,,,so get grip ,,,,,,what should she act like.>>>>>> the disney kids cause.>>>>> i know you dont believe all that bullshit,,,,,,,,,,,,cause if you do i dont know what planet your on>.>>>>

        • fuming

          Apparently I don't know what country you're from because nothing you posted made any sense.

    • Louise

      Have to agree – I'm no big KP fan, but it's not like the girl in the picture is 3 years old, she's 17 for goodness sake, and it's not like KP pretending to lech after a popstarlet is harming or threatening. Some people like to be "morally outraged" over very little, (ref Sachsgate saga), they should reserve their fury for real criminals. There are plenty of them.

  • Soniaaa

    Whe i saw all the comments i want to see the famous picture. I was sure she will be naked or something. I really dont beleive its that pic, people talk about …lol its a joke !

  • jardine


  • TIX


  • jewbag

    sky ferriera is ugly and her music sucks. go katy.

    • Mia

      i think your a jealous dog

    • Sue BLoom

      What world are you from? If you call Sky Ferreira ugly what is Katy Perry? DOG…She is ugly. Take those wigs off and the contacts and how about the makeup. Yo will run for cover. I do not blame Katy Perry for this photo however what was her real intent! Is she trying to destroy this talented little girl before she gets to hot and knocks off of the spotlight?/

  • max

    OMG!!!! I went 2 school with this girl!!!!!! SHIT!!!

  • truth

    c'mon sky had been in the party scene forever, trying hard. drinking alcohol and doing drugs hanging out with people wayy older than her to get into the business, so don't make her out to be a "poor 17 yr.old" when she knows exactly what she is doing.

  • cody

    screwing up the english language so badly*. christ.

  • @kendallmarieu

    hahah. a 17 year old will do whatever the fuck they want, this is not a big deal. get over your selfs.

  • Jesus Graham

    What does 'only 17' mean? 17 is perfectly legal in most civilised countries.

  • Benji

    FYI: Katy Perry & Sky don't write their own songs.
    They might get "writing credits" on their own album but put them in a room by themselves to write some material for a record and there would be no record.

    I find it sad you guys are even talking about these people when there is no way in hell you can call either
    of them true artists or "amazing" – that's the sad reality.

  • LeTronique

    You are all idiots. She could've been anywhere in that pic. And please, my parents were right next to me when I started drinking at age 15. I'm 20 and I still drink in moderation. Katy was kidding around with her friend. Get a life, all of you.