Katy Perry Takes John Mayer To Meet Her Parents?

Katy Perry Takes John Mayer To Meet Her Parents?

Katy Perry must really be into John Mayer — because we’ve heard reports that she has introduced him to her parents. Are things getting that serious between the two singers? Perhaps Katy was the one who was finally able to tame the wild womanizer? Who knew?!?

On November 12th, Katy took some time off from her busy schedule performing and took her boyfriend with her to her Santa Barbara, California hometown. The twosome reportedly took a romantic tour of The Old Mission, according to sources.

The duo looked pretty casual in their dress, attempting to go incognito as they took their trip around the city. An eyewitness said, “It was just the two of them walking around at their own pace, just normal behavior.”

They hung around The Old Mission for about an hour before going to visit the Santa Barbara Mission Archived Library where John spent some time talking with the librarians about the city’s history.

A source said that now that they have rekindled their relationship, Katy “believes she can change” John. The spy said, “She doesn’t want to be just another one of his conquests.”

John has been previously linked to Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt, among others. He talks publicly about relationships and his sex life with the women he dates and doesn’t seem to have a filter in interviews. Do you think Katy can do better than John? Hit the comments and let us know who you think she should date instead.

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