Katy Perry Wanted Russell Brand To File For Divorce

Katy Perry Wanted Russell Brand To File For Divorce

Just a little while after hearing that Russell Brand and Katy Perry had no plans to file for divorce, he announced that he had filed! The rumors were floating around for a little while, but they played it off quite nicely for a bit.

Now, we’re hearing that Katy actually wanted him to do the filing — because of her religious background. They had agreed on divorcing a few weeks back, but neither wanted to be in town when the papers were filed. She asked Russell to file the papers because she didn’t want to upset her religious parents, who believe that divorce is wrong. As the rumors grew to a head, Katy jetted off to Hawaii and Russell made his way to London.

Problems had existed in their marriage for a few months, but they thought that they could work things out. Afterward, they felt that “it just wasn’t there”.

We’re glad that they figured this out sooner, rather than later. Katy’s back on the market, guys, who’s signing up for her first?

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