Katy Perry Wrongly Given Rihanna’s Award

Katy Perry was in attendance at the NRJ Awards in France when she was incorrectly announced as the award winner for Best International Song. The award was actually intended for Rihanna for her song, Disturbia. Katy graciously accepted the award all the while Disturbia was playing.

It’s a shame. They totally botched that one, didn’t they?

The host admitted and apologized for the error at the end of the show. NRJ is a French radio station that is her label’s partner, with their awards being voted upon by the public. It looks like she will be expected at every single NRJ events and will probably win something, as well.

Think it’s a setup? Somewhere in the world Lily Allen is cackling about this.

Here’s Katy’s new video for “Thinking of You”:

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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