Kellan Lutz Staying Away From Miley Cyrus Because Of Liam Hemsworth

Kellan Lutz Staying Away From Miley Cyrus Because Of Liam Hemsworth

It appears that Twilight actor Kellan Lutz really respects his friends. So much, in fact, that he is staying far enough away from Miley Cyrus so that he doesn’t look like he is disrespecting his pal Liam Hemsworth.

Kellan is really close friends with both Miley and Liam, but doesn’t want his name attached to Miley anymore in the dating sense. He has already denied reports of a relationship with the twerking queen, but he still wouldn’t feel right in sealing the deal.

A source said, “Kellan is friends with Liam and doesn’t want to insult him by getting serious with Miley. Miley came on way too strong for Kellan. All he wanted was to have a good time, and when they first hooked up she told him that was all she was after too.”

A source close to the situation revealed that Kellan was merely denying any romantic involvement with Miley because she bruised his ego. She didn’t exactly return his affections, thus prompting him to go on a PR campaign stating that there was nothing there romantically with Miley. A source said, “They are still friends and might hook up from time to time but she isn’t giving in to him and will not exclusively date him. There is a reason he is denying anything happened and it’s because he didn’t get the girl.”

The source added, “It’s damage control – you can’t be the man when you have girls you like rejecting you. That is a blow to the ego, but they remain friendly and might hook up if they hang out but it won’t lead to anything more.”

Did you think that Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz made a cute looking couple? Or do you think that Miley was merely using Kellan in order to make her ex-fiance jealous? Stranger things have happened, no?

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