Kelly Clarkson talks about Perez Hilton getting punched

Kelly Clarkson did an interview for 99.9 Virgin Radio in Toronto, when the interviewer, Billie Holiday, asks her if she’s heard anything about the Will.I.Am/Perez stuff.

Kelly responds, “You know, I’ve only heard hearsay this morning in interviews. I wasn’t there last night, so I didn’t hear anything last night…but, yeah, somebody punched somebody.”

Billie says, “Yeah, Will.I.Am’s manager has just been charged now with assault for punching Perez. We had him on this morning – Perez.”

Kelly says, “I’ve gotta be honest with you, he’s going to get a lot of flowers. I’m not talking about Perez, I mean the manager. I’m not saying that violence is the answer, but what did you expect? You can’t say that much crap about people and not be able to take something.”

Billie adds, “You can only call Fergie fugly long enough and draw penises in her mouth…”

Kelly says, “–Which is so funny because how beautiful did she look? Oh my God! I would give my left arm to look that beautiful. I’m like what?”

Billie responds, “But that’s what everyone is kinda saying is that he sort of not deserved it but you have to expect that kinda thing–”

Kelly interrupts, “Well no one deserves to be punched in the face but it’s expected that someone would– I’m surprised that it hasn’t happened already.”

Billie says, “I know, how do you deal with gossip columnists like that?”

Kelly says, “I’m thinking how much did Will.I.Am pay his manager to do that? Cuz you know that he or Fergie wanted to.”

They went on to talk about how Perez is mean to the children of celebrities and that it was bound to happen.

Check out the video:

I just love Kelly. She’s so great.

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