Kelly Clarkson’s Boyfriend Is Ruining Her Creativity

Kelly Clarkson's Boyfriend Is Ruining Her Creativity

“American Idol” alum and “Duets” coach Kelly Clarkson rose to fame with her songs about breakups and relationships, “Since U Been Gone”, “Stronger” and “Miss Independent”. Now that she has a boyfriend, it’s getting harder for the “Idol” winner to write songs about breakup tracks. She said that her new material might surprise fans because it’s more upbeat.

In a new interview, she said, “It is killing me. I’m trying to write a tough song and it is coming out like butterflies and rainbows. It is ruining my creativity. I’m writing all this happy stuff.”

Currently, Kelly is dating a talent manager by the name of Brandon Blackstock. She has revealed that her schedule is lighter now and leaves room for a relationship. She said, “People used to ask, ‘Why are you single?’ and I’d say, ‘It is not in my schedule.’ I’m in a relationship right now and I have time for it. I never used to.”

She added, “With my new stuff, people are going to be, like, ‘What the hell happened to you.’ It has been really difficult. I love it. It’s an awesome problem to have.”

On tonight’s season finale episode of “Dancing With The Stars”, Kelly performed her new song “Dark Side”, mixed with her song “Stronger”. What did you think of her performance?

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