Kelly Osbourne Cheating On Matthew Mosshart?

Kelly Osbourne Cheating On Matthew Mosshart?

We’re not so sure that we believe any of this, but we’ve heard reports that Kelly Osbourne has cheated on her fiance Matthew Mosshart. Say it isn’t so!

Reportedly, she and Matthew went to Beacher’s Madhouse on October 26th in order to celebrate her 29th birthday. According to the gossip, Kelly was there acting like a giddy teenager with some other fella.

A source revealed, “They had bottle service, with two bottles of Grey Goose, and she was drinking a mixed vodka cocktail. After a bit, Kelly headed to the other side of the club. That’s when she ran into a guy she hit it off with. They were talking and giggling with each other – and then the next thing you know, she was nuzzling and kissing him. When Matt saw her, he flipped! He stormed over and pulled her off him. He was furious and began yelling at Kelly. He then grabbed her arm and they left the club without even saying goodbye to any of their friends.”

He just doesn’t come off as the type of guy who would be yelling and screaming at someone, does he? Besides that, wouldn’t it be so very bold of her to want to go screwing around with a guy in the same establishment where she’s partying with her fiance? It just doesn’t make sense to us…We’re going to need to see proof before we buy into that one. What do you think?

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