Kelly Osbourne fears relapsing after ‘Dancing With The Stars’

91015A1_OSBOURNE_K_B-GR_09After Kelly Osbourne finishes her stint on “Dancing With The Stars”, she fears that she will turn back into her old habits.

She said that she’s concerned about relapsing back into substance abuse when she has more free time.

She said, “When I’m busy and not left with me in my own head, I’m fine. I worry about when the show stops – slipping back into negativity, drink and drugs. I’m taking precautions so I won’t get in that position. My life when I drink is so dark and miserable.”

What I worry about with her is that after she has her foot surgery, she’ll slip into abusing prescription drugs again, because of the medications she will receive.

I hope she’s okay, just the same. I’m rooting for her on the show and hope she wins, she has a huge fan base and is doing rather well on the show.

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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