Kelly Osbourne Has Broken Her Left Hand!

Kelly Osbourne Has Broken Her Left Hand!

I guess Kelly Osbourne won’t be updating her Twitter status with the same frequency as before. As it turns out, the singer-turned model has broken her left hand. Poor thing. What’s worse is that she’s left-handed!

She’s been tweeting in an effort to stop cyber bullying, but that will have to wait for her to recover. According to People magazine, she fractured her left hand in three places, after falling out of a bed at a hotel.

She said, “I must be the most accident prone/stupid person in the world. The worst part is I permanently look like I’m giving everyone the thumbs up because of the way it’s casted!”

Now, her mother Sharon has to help her with the little things, even brushing her hair and cutting her food up for her. She said, “I feel like a baby again. Of course my mum is loving it!”

She tweeted about it, adding, “im in sooooooo much pain i can’t sleep it’s bloody excruciating!”

Get well soon, Kelly! In the meantime, we’ll do our parts to stop cyber bullying!

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