Kelly Rowland Embarrassed By Accidental Nip Slip (Photo)

Kelly Rowland Embarrassed By Accidental Nip Slip (Photo)

Over the weekend, Kelly Rowland performed a concert in New Jersey where she gave concertgoers a little more than they paid for. She had a double nipple slip when her bra rode up, showing off her goody parts to the entire planet.

It would seem that she would know that her bra wasn’t covering the boobage at all times, but Kelly wants us all to know that it wasn’t some attention grab that she was going to parlay into some further media stories to highlight her career and gain even more relevancy. That’s not the Kelly way, that would be the Kardashian way of famewhoring. Instead, Kelly says it was totally an accident! Sure it was…. TMZ reports:

“Destiny’s Child” superstar Kelly Rowland says her double nip slip this weekend was NOT INTENTIONAL — in fact, she claims to be super-embarrassed by the whole thing.

Who cares? It’s over with and done now. It’s not like we can’t relive it on video and photos on the internet FOREVER, right?

Thanks, Kelly.

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