Kelsey Grammer’s New ‘Kayte’ Tattoo (Photo)

Kelsey Grammer's New 'Kayte' Tattoo (Photo)

Iconic Frazier actor Kelsey Grammer has just committed a tattoo faux pas. He has gone and gotten his new wife’s name tattooed on his body. Isn’t that like the kiss of death for any relationship? Or is it just the most stupid thing you could get tattooed on yourself?

TMZ has the scoop:

57-year-old Kelsey Grammer rolled into a tattoo parlor to get his first ink job done … and chose to tattoo his wife’s name on his right hip. Not the most manly spot, is it?

The “Boss” star hit up Insight Studios in Chicago yesterday with wife Kayte Walsh … where, according to one local report, the girl behind the counter asked him for ID because she didn’t recognize him. Do they not have “Frasier” re-runs in Chicago?

One of the shop’s tattoo artists tweeted the pic of Kelsey in the chair as he was getting the work done.

The new body art only cost the actor $60.00, but the humiliation of having a tattoo of your wife’s name on your body in such a dumb place lasts forever. What happens if they ever divorce? Then he’s going to have to go to a doctor and get “Kayte” removed from his hip.

What do you think? Have you ever gotten a tattoo of your significant other’s name on your body?

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