Kendra Wilkinson almost walked off of Dancing With The Stars

Kendra Wilkinson almost walked off of Dancing With The Stars

Moments before performing her Quickstep with Louis Van Amstel on Monday night’s Dancing With The Stars, reality star Kendra Wilkinson said that she almost didn’t dance!

She said, “There was a moment where I just wanted to walk off the stage.”

She admitted that she was nervous after watching footage of her rehearsal, showing how emotional she got about the dance. She said that she grew up as a tomboy, but now she’s dressing like a lady doing elegant moves.

She went on to say, “I’m 25 — I’m at my quarter-life crisis. I’m growing up and I’m doing it while I’m on this show. And it’s so funny – a lot of people don’t want me to grow up. They go, ‘What happened to you?’ That’s why a lot of times I’m so stressed out because when I do grow up, people push me down, and when I’m too much of a kid people are like, ‘You have to grow up.'”

Still, she persevered and once she began dancing, she started to feel more secure. She added, “The audience pushed me through tonight”, saying that the fans in the audience were shouting that they loved her and that made all the difference.

What did you think of her dancing skills?

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