Khloe Kardashian And French Montana Have Broken Up

Khloe Kardashian And French Montana Have Broken Up

Reality star Khloe Kardashian dated rapper French Montana for eight months following her divorce filing from NBA player Lamar Odom — and now she and Montana have called it quits. Shocking, right? (Okay, not really…)

Reports surfaced earlier today suggesting that Kardashian called time on her relationship with the rapper after she felt he was too “needy” for her. A source said that it “grated on her” because he had become so dependent on her. The source revealed, “They are on a break. The relationship got too heavy and Khloe needed to take a step back.”

Another source said, “For all intents and purposes, Khloe is single again”, but Montana “won’t really accept it.”

The spy added, “Khloe thinks he’s a great guy, but it just wasn’t working out.”

Maybe that was the reason behind the quote from last week that she shared on Twitter: “Maybe one day we’ll find that place where you and I could be together. And we’ll catch our dreams within the waves of change. So smile for me one last time and believe that we’ll meet again. Until then, I’ll be missing you.”

Do you think that they will eventually get back together? Or has she finally come to the realization that he has been basically using her for her fame? Hit the comments and have your say!

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