Khloe Kardashian Fired From ‘The X Factor’

Khloe Kardashian Fired From 'The X Factor'

Apparently the Powers That Be over at Fox have heard our numerous complaints about Khloe Kardashian’s performance as host of the second season of “The X Factor”. As we’ve noted time and time again, Khloe’s stage presence was quite awful and she should be replaced. Thank goodness Simon Cowell must be reading our site! Hi Simon, we would LOVE to get tickets to a taping of the show! *Hint hint*

Mario Lopez was also hired on to do the show at the same time as Khloe, both replacing season one host Steve Jones. Mario did a fantastic job on the show, but hosting TV shows is pretty much old hat for him. This was Khloe’s first foray into hosting (and hopefully her last!)…

According to the scoop from “The New York Post” on Monday, Khloe has gotten the official boot from the show. A source said, “They are asking Mario to come back, but not Khloe.”

Ha! Good. She performed less than stellar on the show and should not be asked back just because she has a history in television and her last name is Kardashian. As you may already know, pop singer Britney Spears and Epic Records head L.A. Reid are both out from the judging spots on the show. So, it would appear that Simon has his hands full in finding replacements for all three!

Who do you think should host the show alongside Mario Lopez? In addition, tell us who you think should judge the show now that L.A. and Britney have announced their departures!

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  • whoa

    so what? Only about a 4% of the population makes it as far as being known worldwide and an even lesser percent can get in front of an audience and host a live television show, most of which requires ad libbing. Who are we to pass judgment on her and scoff at her “failure”??? Chances are, not a single one of the authors or the readers here have the gumption or ambition to do what she attempted.

    i wonder if the world would publish every single one of Einstein’s, Beethoven’s and Bill Gates’ failures, would we have come as far in our scientific, intellectual and technological advancement as we are now?

    Thank God society wasn’t nearly as ignorant, superficial and demeaning back then as it is now.